Product Care

Caring for your jewellery

We want you to enjoy your MIA pieces forever. So here are a few little tips to keep your jewellery looking amazing:

  • Tip 1: Wear it! Yes, leave your jewellery on when you shower, wash hands, etc. The surface of any metal will tarnish or oxidise naturally because of oxygen in the air. Don't stress though, all MIA pieces are made with solid metals with no plating, so you can polish any discolouration off, over and over again. The more you wear your jewellery, the less you have to polish it. Just be careful, some lotions, hair gels, etc, have chemicals that may tarnish your jewellery, which will result in them needing a more thorough polish (Call us if this happens).
  • Tip 2: Brass and copper tends to oxidise quicker than silver - especially if they are not worn often. To give these pieces a more thorough clean, we recommend using a metal cleaner like Brasso. You can find this at any supermarket and its super easy to use. Use a soft cloth with a little Brasso on the corner and carefully wipe away the tarnish. You can use the dry side of the soft cloth to gently polish the residue off and shine up your jewellery. Voila! Good as new.