We use the UK alphabetical measuring system for ring sizing (A-Z). General sizing such as small, medium and large might not fit perfectly.

To ensure resizing fees and extra courier costs don't occur we strongly recommend that you do not measure your ring sizes at home. To be certain of the size please get your finger professionally measured before placing your order. You can pop into your closest jewellery store for a free ring sizing. If you are based in Pretoria we can do this for you too.


We use different chain lengths for each design. Please see the description of the item to see what chain length will be available per design. If you would like a custom chain length please let us know on check-out. If longer lengths are required additional charges may apply, best email us for confirmation before placing the order.


We use S, M, L, XL and XXL measurements for bracelet sizes. Please see our sizing guide below for an accurate measurement. We would suggest measuring your wrist at home with a tape measure to see which sizing you prefer. You can also send us a custom measurement so we can make sure your bracelet fits perfectly. Remember to let us know on check-out what size you require. Sizes larger than XXL may result in additional charges, please email us if this is the case before placing your order.

  • Small: 16cm
  • Medium: 17cm
  • Large: 18cm
  • XLarge: 19cm
  • XXLarge: 20cm


The bangle sizes below represent the inner diameter of a bangle. This should fit across the widest part of your hand when touching your thumb and your little finger together. For an accurate sizing you can visit us at one of our markets or schedule an appointment at our home studio. If you are outside of Gauteng you can visit your closest jeweller/jewellery store for a sizing.

  • X Small: 59mm
  • Small: 61mm
  • Medium: 63mm
  • Large: 65mm
  • X Large: 67mm


We have 5 sizes available in our masks. The mask should fit snug on the face but be loose enough to breathe in. To measure yourself at home use a tape measure or take a piece of string and measure from the bridge of your nose to +- 2cm under your chin. Measure in a straight line then curve it under your chin. Use a ruler to get the measurement of the string.

Here are our mask measurements:

  • XXS: Kids 3-6 years: 9cm
  • XS: Kids/Teens: 11.5cm
  • S: Adult: 12.5cm (petite adults)
  • M: Adult: 13.5cm (standard mask size)
  • L: Adult 15cm (most suited for men)